Though beloved as a service, hospice can be a difficult subject for patients, families, and even caregivers. The recent short filmEnd Game (2018 NetFlix), follows a set of patients, families, and their caregivers through the difficult discussions and choices faced at end of life. It may help facilitate difficult discussions.

End Game provides a glimpse of hospice services at San Francisco-based UCSF Hospital and its affiliated Zen Hospice Project, an end-of-life urban end-of-life residence home. The film follows four patients and their families through different stages of end-of-life decision making, directly addressing the grief, conflict, and uncertainty surrounding death.

End Game features palliative care physician Dr. B.J. Miller (who has also given a TED Talk on hospice). Dr. Miller chose palliative care after he lost three limbs and nearly his life in a college accident. Given his personal history, he has a special ability to communicate with patients and families about the subject of loss. His empathetic and positive communication style, normally confined to private discussions in his professional work, is brought forward for all to see.

End Game premiered at Sundance in 2018 and now has been nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary (short subject). End Game was produced, in part, with the assistance of Sidewinder Films and includes, as an Executive Producer, Sheppard Mullin partner David Ulich. David’s practice focuses on the non-profit sector.

In addition to being available on NetFlix, End Game is also being shown around the country in outreach programs at hospitals, churches, and other community settings. If you would like more information on potential use of the film, please contact: